WebHacks 2017

August 6 - August 12

WebHacks aims to be the first well-constructed online hackathon. Our vision is to enable anyone to participate in a coding competition, without the need for travel expenses. We hope to create an online community that builds healthy competition and awesome projects!Registration has closed. Follow us on Twitter for updates!

How It Works

Participants get a week to design and build the most amazing website they can. Focus should be on the design and the function of the website, and points will be awarded accordingly. At the end of the week, participants must upload a link to their work for the judges to demo. Make sure to check out the judging and prizes below!

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is actually just a long coding competition. The word "hack" is used similarly to when people say they are "hacking things together". The goal is to create an innovate piece of software to test your abilities, to win prizes, and to make something awesome.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone is free to participate! The only thing we ask is that you help to maintain a positive environment.

What Can I Make?

Participants should create a website and find some way to host it online(tip: google "heroku"). The focus of the website should be on its design and its function. Prizes will be awarded to websites that have a unique and appealing design, while also having an innovative function.

Sounds Great! How do I get started?

Right now, you can register your name and email with us. We will be sending out an email in mid-June to allow registrants to create an account and start forming teams. As we approach August 6th, we will finalize details about participation.

Questions? Shoot us an email.


August 6 - August 12

Sunday @ 6am

Coding Begins!


Mini Code Challenge


Mini Code Challenge

Saturday @ 6pm

Final Submissions

Sunday @ Noon

Winners Announced

All times are in Central Daylight Time, UTC-5



All Participants

Free .TECH Domain ($50 value)

$30 Manifold Credits

Best .TECH Website

$100 Amazon Gift Voucher


$120 CODE Keyboard


2 Month CodePen PRO


$50 DigitalOcean Credits

Registration is now closed.